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We invite you to experience the loving fellowship of Guam Church of the Nazarene. 

Our mission is
to honor God by teaching His Word and by bringing people to Jesus Christ,
baptizing them,
building them up in their faith,
making them part of our fellowship
and preparing them for ministry,
in the power of the Spirit. 

We seek to be a loving spiritual family where God is worshiped, and people experience acceptance and forgiveness in order to serve and reach our community for Jesus Christ.

New Hope

Too many people lead lives of secret despair.They don’t find fulfillment in their professions, their families, or in their personal lives. They often put on a good show for others, smiling, and laughing and going through the motions of successful living.

Inside, however, they feel all alone. Sometimes they feel trapped by past decisions or frustrated by a lack of education or experience. Sometimes, they simply feel that life has passed them by.

People who live such lives are looking for new hope. The caring Christians in our church can help you find hope.

Our Message

  • Realize that God loves you and has a new life for you.
  • Recognize that when we walk away from God, we walk away from life. Everyone has walked away from God.  As sinners we futilely try to find life’s true meaning in the wrong ways and places. Our own efforts cannot save us.
  • Recognize that Jesus Christ is the way to new life. He gives inner peace and freedom and eternal life.
  • Admit and confess your need for God by

Acknowledging your sins
Being sorry for your sins
Confessing your sins
Being willing to forsake your sins
Having your life changed by Christ
Forgiveness is promised

Our Church Can Be Your Home

We hope that our church will become a part of your family life.

Whenever you need someone to listen to your cares and concerns, we are here to offer you help, encouragement and a new hope for the rest of your life.

If you would like encouragement for family or personal problems, support in times of crisis and grief, our loving and caring fellowship is always open to you.

We offer a sound, practical Biblical ministry that seeks to welcome everyone, and to share with you the difference that Jesus Christ can make in your life.  He has changed our lives and given us meaning and purpose; and we know He will do the same for you.

We want to share the love and care we have found in our family with you and your family—come soon and experience our warm welcome that will quickly make you feel at home.

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